Equipment We Use Stevelab!

Depending on the type and size of the emergency, our company has all the tools and equipment necessary to deal with any water problems. Regardless of the emergency, water and fire damage restoration heavily relies on modern equipment and technological advancements. We aim to combine our expertise with new technologies, tools and equipment to achieve the best results, and this is known as rapid structural drying or in short RSD.

Flood water removal and extractors

From extracting flood waters in your basement to extracting water from your carpets, we are going to deal with it. We only use the latest and highest quality machines and tools to make sure our services provide top notch quality.

Air Movers and Floor drying equipment

Drying floors and getting rid of the humidity after the emergency struck can be extremely difficult to deal with. With tools such as air movers and floor driers we are making sure that the root cause of humidity is dealt with, as well as the humidity itself when we extract the leftover water and dry the floor. Depending on the floor type, time necessary to dry it varies, but we have everything necessary for dealing with any issues that might happen.

We also use heating tools and systems and air conditioners to safely and efficiently make sure there is no undesired water left in cracks and crevices. Electric heaters, moving furnaces, air heaters are just some of the tools we have in our shed that are necessary to bring your property to the pre-emergency state. But all of that equipment only becomes useful after we successfully determine the root of the problems and the severity of it. That’s why we use testing tools, moisture meters, and thermo-hygrometers, as well as thermal cameras to pinpoint locations that might escape the bear eye, and cause future problems if left unnoticed.